Technical equipment

Полевые установки ПАУ-502 и БТС-141Equipment for automatic welding

Field installation automatic welding “PAU-502A”
designed for rotary automatic submerged arc welding, with welded seam root, pipes with diameters from 325 to 820 mm pipe-welding bases.

Подвесная сварочная машина К-584МПодвесная сварочная машина К-813Suspended Welding Machine “K-584M” and “K813″
designed for butt welding by continuous flashing pipe diameters from 114 mm. up to 325 mm in a continuous thread with the removal of internal and external grata in the field


Welding complex “Sever-1»

developed technology contact welding of pipes with a diameter of 1420 mm by continuous melting the edges of pipes with pre-programmed change in the basic parameters of the welding process.

КСМ01Complex equipment KSM-01
It ends with the development of complex welding butt welding of pipes of 1,219 mm with a wall thickness of 27 mm. Designed for the construction of offshore pipelines in different climatic conditions

EquОборудование для ручной дуговой сварки АС-81ipment for manual arc welding
Equipment for manual arc welding AC 81Oborudovanie for manual arc welding AC generators 81Samohodnye welders for manual arc welding:
Aggregates for welding AC-81T, skidders TT 4 and TT-4M


Оборудование для ручной дуговой сварки АС-81