Manual arc welding

Ручная дуговая сварка

Welding pipelines – the main and most important stage in the process of construction of pipelines, defining the reliability of the entire pipeline system during operation. Welding work in pipeline construction is continuously improved. Automation of welding processes dramatically increase productivity, the rate of welding and assembly work and the quality of welded joints. In recent years, developed and widely used new technological methods of welding, but the manual arc welding, and to this day remains the most versatile arc welding technology in construction.

The founder of the arc welding method can be justly regarded as the great Russian inventor Nikolai Benardos, in 1882 opened the way to connecting and disconnecting metals by the direct action of electrical current – manual arc welding of non-consumable carbon electrode and called this method – Elektrogefestom. To maintain the “electric arc” the inventor to use large batteries are lead-acid batteries of his own invention. The first purpose of the welding power in 1888 has created a Russian engineer, inventor Nikolai Slavs. The invention manual arc welding with consumable metal electrode, the method of electrical sealing metal castings, creating semiautomatic arc welding his own merit.

Since then, the technology developed rapidly, arc welding has leaped forward, and today probably will not find the sector of industrial production wherever applied welding. In turn, the power sources for manual arc welding, too, underwent a significant evolution. From primitive welding generator in the early 19th century, the welding transformer 20s and welding rectifier 50-ies of the last century and up to modern inverter welding machine.

Manual arc welding of metal coatings (consumable) electrode is characterized by high flexibility and considerable mobility, which makes advantageous use of it in construction. It continues to list the advantages of the possibility of welding in all spatial positions, and, most importantly, the ability to weld in places with limited access, which makes this method indispensable for the performance of lap construction crane parts and assemblies reception run than our company has successfully engaged for many years. An experienced engineering staff, experienced foremen, qualified welders, cohesive team – repeatedly argued that the company “YugStroyMontazh” professional, reliable and responsible partner in the construction of oil and gas facilities.