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The first major object of ZAO “YugStroyMontazh” was created in 1992-1993 gas pipeline 1,420 millimeters in Cheboksary – North Caucasus, built for “Kavkaz Trasgaz.” It was followed by others: pipeline diameter 1016 mm and a length of 120 kilometers of the Caspian Consortium Tubal, gas collection units UGS ‘Izobilnyi “(cables for underground gas storage), and others.

JSC “YugStroyMontazh” participated in the construction of gas transportation system “Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok gas designed to provide the majority of consumers of the Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai, the Jewish Autonomous Oblast and the Sakhalin Region. The pipe was installed a large extent to the areas with difficult terrain and climatic conditions. The whole team builders I worked with great dedication and in record time – less than 2 years from the start of the project – completed work on the creation of the linear part. That is, the pipeline itself was built and main compressor station. The project has worked hard in the domestic and institutional controls requiring compliance objects of the highest quality standards.

A large amount of work has been done on the gas condensate field Zapolyarnoe trains built gas collection from the bushes to the GPP, pipelines for the transport of hydrocarbons, gas and methanol. The company carried out construction activities on the linear part of the five-thread pipeline system of 1,420 millimeters Zapolyarnoye – Urengoy. The assets of JSC “YugStroyMontazh” participation in the construction of the main pipeline NTR – Torzhok, expansion of the Urengoy gas transmission hub, the linear part of the pipeline KS “Purtazovskaya – Novourengoyskay SCS 2″ connection node KS “Purtazovskaya”, combined with the start-node OC.


The main gas pipeline Ø1420 mm.
Cheboksary – North Caucasus – 18 km.



The main gas pipeline Ø1420 mm.
Fixes -Izobilnoe -40 km.



Water pipeline Ø1420 mm.
Sengiley – Stavropol – 15 km.
Marginal Stavropol administration


Units gas collection Ø219 mm. UGS Izobilnyi (trains on underground gas storage)
Gas distribution substation -10;13; 12 – 125 km.
JSC “Kavkaztransgaz”



The pipeline Ø1016 mm. (41 inc.)
Caspian Pipe Consortium – 120 km.
JSC “Starstroi”



The main gas pipeline Ø1420 mm. Zapolyarnoye – Urengoy
I thread – 15 km.
II thread – 40 km.

UKPG2 pipeline Ø 426 mm – 13 km.
Metanoloprovod Ø 57 mm – 49 km.
Metanoloprovod Ø 108 mm. Zapolyarnoe – 35 km.
JSC “Stroytransgaz”


The main gas pipeline of 1420 mm Ø.
NTR-Torzhok – 50 km.
JSC “Yamalgazinvest”


Construction works Ø 1420 mm – 20 km
expansion of the Urengoy gas transmission hub


Construction and installation work.
Node Connection COP Purtazovskaya,
combined with start-node OC


RMC Mining hydrocarbon gas condensate deposits of the Polar NGKM UPZOU
PC 998 + 50 PC 1001+ 10

LLC “Stroygazconsulting TPS”
Welding and assembly work for the crane units and UPZOU. The main gas pipeline “Bovanenkovo – Ukhta” and “Ukhta – Trozhok”


JSC “Mezhregiontruboprovodstroy”
Creation of welding complex KSM offshore pipelines Ø 1219 mm

Accumulated professional capacity allows the collective JSC “YugStroyMontazh” on the newly built facilities to carry out all types of welding, as well as to reconstruction, planning and repair of existing facilities.

During the two decades of the company “JSC” YugStroyMontazh “has established itself as a solid and reliable partner. Rich experience in construction allows us to guarantee our customers a high quality of work and the fulfillment of its obligations in full.